The Group’s ultimate objective is to enhance the shareholders’ value through the sustainability of its businesses with the main core focus on the property development business in Malaysia. When opportunity arises, the Group would be looking into property development across Asia. The Group will continue to provide modern and innovative property concepts and enhance property quality for the property buyers. Besides, the Group also seeks to acquire strategic landed assets in Malaysia when opportunity arises with reasonable prices by adhering to the criteria which is based on the development potential taking into consideration the acquisition costs.

The Group would further maintain and enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness while strengthening its risk management capacity to deal with unforeseen changes in market through its pool of talents specialising in different business acumen including but not limited to finance, operations, investment and risk management. Furthermore, the Group would continue to exercise prudence in seeking ways to strengthen the financial capabilities. From being able to gather momentum to growth on a long term and sustainable basis, the Group would strive to maintain strong liquidity and accumulate sufficient financial resources.

For the implementation of the Group’s direction, various roles and responsibilities have been identified that mainly focuses on the main core business operations, identify profitable operating businesses with views to expend its business and earnings base, regular monitoring of the development and execution of business plans.

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